Thursday, October 31, 2013

Phantom Momento Banking: Isometric drawing, Proposal and mind map

Principle Prang @ Wat Ratchburana
***Still can't find the way to combine both section cut drawing and normal drawing into one drawing
Update isometric drawing of Principle Prang
   Adding people inside treasure room to show the capability to hold the user inside.
   Get rid of the sky background and fill with full grass 

Isometric section cut drawing of Principle Prang
   Section cut show the quality and quantity of the treasure room inside Phra Prang that contain the numerous valuable treasure, dedicated for the King. 
   The treasure room show the interior and size that related to the treasure inside.

Zoom in detail
   Zoom in detail show the treasure that has been moving from the treasure room into "Chao Sam Phaya Museum" in 1957 for its own safety and exhibition for tourists.

Develop some more idea for the proposal and consideration

Mind map explanation

The Phantom Momento Banking:
   To bring back visitor memories that they may lost it somewhere and want to get that value things or value memories again. Which all these value things can be Object, Place, People, Story, etc. The user need to register and access it by their own password (finger print) in order to get inside the treasure room.
   So turning the memories from virtually in their mind and turn it into physically by 3D printing or even visible virtually.
   Mind into Physical = visitor can be both verbally explaining their value things to the 3D modelling man that may describe the object from colour, shape, material, etc. and the modelling man will transfer information for 3D printer the produce that object out again.
   Mind into Visible Virtually = visitor can generate their value scene and story which will appear onto the layer of the sphere. Which all the scene can be from Past, Present and future scene, also the sphere can be generate the layers into different meaning background of the place, scenery, material and manuscript.

Baking process: Virtually deposit value memories and also can withdraw it
Phase I: Visitor will sketch their own memories into the data base and keep it secure inside their accounts.
Phase II: Visitor can come just to review and experience their memories over and over again from the database collection, also they can manage their own network connection that link between story to story.

The surface of the sphere can act as a boundary for the user, such as visitor and register will experience it differently from different perspective
Visitor will experience the sphere from outside with the collection of information as an exhibition.
Register will experience it as their own value that they can adjust and manage it accordingly.

Virtual goggle
3D scanner

Phantom Momento Banking

Isometric Drawing of virtual space structure

   The drawing show the virtual space as an open sphere that have multi layers in order to show the different hierarchy of information and even their own virtual space that visitor can evaluate and manage by their own perception.
   The collection of data will shown virtually on the different layers of the sphere.
   While visitor get into the treasure room and access their own account, the physical site (Phraprang) just disappear and showing only the outline of the space, then the virtual room will has no limit deepening to the user management.

Zoom in detail
   Zoom in detail show the position of the 3D modelling man and 3D printer, where the user can interact with. Also the vision that visitor can choose to manage their data on the sphere.

Video test: camera tracking

PraSriSanPet Iso Update / Draft Proposal

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Camera Tracking and Project Proposal

Camera Tracking Test from nawat wongwan on Vimeo.

Grand Hall (Wat Phra Sri San Phet) ISO update / Virtual Space Proposal


The ruin is being overlayed by the Grand Hall during the time of Ayutthaya before it was destroyed. The surround elements is the current state of the context. On the drawing is the tourist on site of the present day where their circulation paths are being shown with the yellow trail. The people highlighted in purple are the one that stands on the spot where most tourist choose to view and observe the ruin from these specific points.


The proposal is the creative network which act as an archive allowing the people to illustrate and build the space they envisage. The space they are going to design is will act as a house for 16m tall Buddha Image as a core element just like in the past. But now they get to experiment with redesigning the space virtually that will later on serve as a space to carrying out Buddhist activities and ceremonies. Here they will be dealing with the layout of the space to the materials that they desire and believe that will provide the best atmosphere. The design interface will be real time so that they can really experience how each of their choices in design contribute and performs in real world. What each user build will be stored it there own channel of this interactive platform network where other people can explore it themselves both onsite and online. Each virtual space will be ranked base on the number of entries with comments and feed back to further improve the design.

Video test using camera tracker and Project mind map

test1 1 from madeoftwo on Vimeo.

Srisanpetch Grand Vihara ISO drawing / Virtual Interface proposal / After Effect VDO update

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

After Effect: Camera tracker video test, Isometric Drawing


The video testing camera tracker 01

The video testing camera tracker 02

P.S. I got some problem while uploading the video, so i split into 2 videos

Isometric Drawing without material

Isometric Drawing with material

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Wat Mahathat : Process Iso

Isometric of Wat Mahathat


Process Iso drawing: Sanphet Maha Prasat Throne Hall

Wat Ratchaburana: Update ISO Drawing

Principle Prang: isometric drawing

Principle Prang at Wat Ratchaburana

The isometric drawing show the time frame from 1424 until present day with the ceremony events and visitor event that occur within Phra Prang. The drawing show the circulation of people in different time with different people in different period that represent in different colour. Phra Prang show the environment but the overlapping of the shadow rendering through different time in a day.

Proposal: Log in process

Proposal: On site process

Thai Heritage Banking

The proposal of the site is "Thai heritage banking", which the user are the local people that are Thai related family tree only can use it. The banking serve user the most security banking that user can deposit their properties within the treasure room inside Phra Prang. Give opportunity for user to keep and protect their property, also can trade their value things with others. Because some property that seem not value to them anymore they can take it to the bank and lets others people that interested in their property can trade or buy it from the owner.

In oder to access the banking, user can access it from the iphone and internet, but in order to use the banking need to log in and access into the site directly to make the management. The user can appear in the real site and access to their own account while navigating into the treasure room, user can manage their account through the hologram screen that can manage their task and do trading.

Sanphet Mahaprasat ISO drawing update

 Here's an update on the ISO drawing of the Sanphet Mahaprasat Palace. The past and the present states of the structure are overlaying one another. Part of the palace has been taken away in order to show its constructions, interior as well as activities that happened within the building. On the other hand, the ruins of the palace can be spotted within magenta outlines.

These historical figures above will be placed according to their position based on this diagram translated from the book "Du royaume de Siam", written by Simon de la Louber (A French diplomat who led an embassy to Siam in 1687).

I'll work on how the surrounding context would be represesnted on the drawing and also on how different ground levels can be shown and easily understood.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Monday, October 21, 2013

Wat Mahathat : Track Camera and Warp Stabilizer Test

Test Render of using Warp Stabilizer and Track Camera on Adobe Effects.
Tracker Test Wat Mahathat ruins from Ash Joseph on Vimeo.

Wat Ratchaburana: Drawing

The isometric drawing of Wat Ratchaburana

The drawing of Wat Ratchaburana show the exterior and structure of the Principle Prang, while in the middle and underneath in red color showing the treasure room hidden inside. To show the value inside the Phra Prang.
Still the roof part doesn't finish.

The video testing on 3D Tracker

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Visceral Intricacy III: Rhythm of Value

Presentation board for midterm review

The Palanquin was shown from the beginning by construction method in King Rama V period, also the shape that symbolise Thai tradition house.

On the road showing 3 events that occur in the different time, The beginning of the palanquin that use by the King, the location in the Bangkok National Museum and the Queen Funeral celebration parade in the most recent event.

The exploded ornaments show the meaning of each Thai pattern that derives from many place and background.

For the counter thing, is “The Beast limousine” that using by President Barack Obama in America.

The Cadillac DTS model limousine riding on the road surrounded by the security guard, in order to protect the president inside the most unique car.

And the exploded function inside show the specialty of protection and function inside the car.

For both thing and counter things show the quality of value through the shell of the object in both hide and reveal identity. Also the expression of the exterior can communicate the value of it. Since the palanquin can make the man become a god, but for the Beat can make the god become the man.

The isometric drawing shows the visions along the way that represented by the cone of vision, also directly projected onto the specific attention object that represent in blue color, the arrow showing the sequence of the attention object. Along with the orange frames projecting into the space and show the attention point within every 5 second moving. The purple rendering gradient show the quality and value of vision when looking.

The virtual space is created for the visitor to explore the variety of value and information through the journey along the road. Visitor can experience the communication of value of in both actual power and visual power, by the level change of the width and height of the road in both matter of fact and matter of concern.

The virtual grammars are representing time, location, history, distance, material and value. Also how the Thing and Counter things perform and use with people in specific period.

The perspective show the visual experience for the visitor to explore both thing and counter thing.

P.S. For the video still can't upload it,, will update soon