Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sri Sanphet Mahaprasat Throne Hall: initial idea

Sri Sanphet Mahaprasat throne hall ruin has only base structure left. Different perspectives give different experiences. Seeing this ruin from a long distance or photographs I cant interpret anything just mass of base structure but once i enter the space the ruin gave me different experience. I have idea of how the room was divided and how this space was used form trace of column wall and elevated floor.

This throne hall has only base left and to see how it looks before the damage is seeing archeologist's hypothesis. All drawings and throne-hall replicas are versions of archeologist visualisation. Each visualisation has different external factors that shape the final outcomes.  

Sri Sanphet Mahaprasat Throne hall visualisation by Dr. Santi Leksukhum

Replica of sri Sanphet Mahaprasat Throne hall at ancient city 
Replica of sri Sanphet Mahaprasat throne hall at king Naresuan 's movie studio 

Same as typewriter where the machine provides letter keys. The typist knows grammar. When combines the letters with grammar it will produce words and sentences with in the limitation of letters and words.

The architectural elements will be given as an interface and each element will has it own rule. The space acts as exploration center. The visitor explores and manifests their own version of the throne hall and experiences it.

The architectural element will base on research of history of Thai architecture during different period Ayutthaya.

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