Friday, December 13, 2013

Final research: Principle Prang, Wat Ratchaburana, Ayutthaya, Thailand

Wat Ratchaburana was founded in 1424 by King Borommarachathirat II of the Ayutthaya Kingdom and built on the cremation site of his two elder brothers. The two brothers had fought to their deaths in a duel for the royal succession to their father. The Principle Prang located in Wat Ratch- aburana, which is the most valuable Prang that was built for the specific purpose of keeping the treasure and dedication. More than 100,000 votive Buddhist tablets were found, as well as gold jewelry with a
combined weight of more than 100 kilo- grams. The vaults inside the main prang also dis- played Buddha paintings, depicting the previ- ous lives of the Buddha. 
Isometric Drawing of  Principle Prang.
Isometric Drawing of Section cut of Principle Prang with treasures inside.
In 1957 there were a group of thiefs stole some treasure inside, later they were arrested and there are some mystery consequence happen to them. Then Silpakorn department took out all the treasure into Chao Samphaya museum for the safety and exhibition to the visitors. 
 All the treasure were found in the treasure room, which compose of 3 different layers inside. The first room contain the most valuable treasure.
 Treasure was categorize into Buddha statue and Votive tablet, Regalia, Royal articles of use, Robes and Jewelry, and Dedicated and Tribute and Engrave.
 Principle Prang rendering testing with artificial light
Principle Prang rendering testing with natural light (Overlapping) 

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